Reconditioned Benhil 8304 - 8534


Hamburg, Germany

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Model8304 - 8534
Stock Number1037
Type of MachineButter Packaging Machine
Capacityup to 150 kg per hour
Capacity (Units)40 - 110 packages per minute
Packaging Weight10 - 25 gram
Packaging Size40 x 30 x ± 10 - 25 mm
Packaging typeBottom folding
Year of refurbishingR2023
Motor power2,2 kW
Weight± 1.600 kg


Fully reconditioned Benhil 8304 foil wrapping machine which can be used for packing products butter, lard, margarine, tvorog or cottage cheese into aluminium foil. This machine is general overhauled and in a as good as new condition with new controls with frequency converter (renewed in 2023). The format on the machine is 10 - 25 gram, 40 x 30 x ± 10 - 25 mm, bottom folding principle. Packaging material: aluminium foil with photocell mark. Widht of the foil: 85 mm. The photocell line distance is 80 mm. The butter is feed with a hopper with agitator screw inside, mechanically drive from out of the main machine (tooth wheels and axles). The machine is equiped with a photocell on the paper infeed, to control the exact position of the print on the foil (correct by brake system). If there is no foil in the 1st cell, after cutting the foil in length, the machine will stop. The speed can be adjusted by a frequency converter between 40 - 110 packages per minute. Mechanical belt driven outfeed conveyor of ± 1.000 mm, mounted 90° on the machine to the semi automatic case packer, Benhil 8534. New stainless steel control panel, mounted on the side of the machine, with PLC (Siemens Simatic S7-1200) and frequency converter for speed adjustment. Touch screen (Siemens KTP400 Basic) operating panel on operator vision height. The Benhil 8304 machine is also equipped with a reconditioned semi automatic case packer, Benhil 8534 for stacking the format and preparing the layers inside the carton box. Current stacking format: 5x5x4 = 100 portions per carton box. Box dimensions: 205 x 155 x ± 40 - 100 mm. Manual adding and removal of the carton box by the operator.