Prominox Cuve - Sterile tank 40 m3


Carquefou, France

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ModelCuve - Sterile tank 40 m3
Serial Number31467
Stock Number1028
Type of MachineAseptic tank
Volume40.000 liter
Double jacketedYes
Type of agitatorNo agitator
CIP Spray bowlsYes
Number of feet3x
Internal diameter3.500 mm
Cylindrical height3.000 mm
Total outside diameter3.684 mm
Total outside height6.081 mm
Weight± 7.000 kg


Double jacketed, aseptic tank, previously used in a dairy factory for the storage of sterilized UHT milk. Pressure in the jacket: ATM. Pressure in the tank: -1 / 3.5 Bar. Allowable temperature in the jacket: 20 / 150 °C. Allowable temperature in the tank: 20 / 150 °C. Total capacity of the jacket: 3.015 liter. Total capacity of the tank: 40.224 liter. Surface of the jacket: 33 m2. Group Fluide: 2. Category: III. 3 stainless steel legs. No agitator. Manhole on top of the tank. CIP bowls for cleaning inside the tank. Outlet in the bottom, 730 mm height, with outlet of 76 mm. Stairs on the outside. Cylindrical height: 3.000 mm. Inside diameter: 3.500 mm. Total dimensions: Ø 3.684 x 6.081 mm. Weight: ± 7.000 kg. Construction drawing available. CE labelled.

Additional features:

Sterile tank available because complete factory is closed.

Sterile tank already dismantled and located outside on cradles in warehouse in France.