Disassembly of your used dairy machines


Would you like to sell your used machines for milk processing or the dairy industry? However, you currently lack the skills or capacities to properly reconstruct the systems from your production? No problem for you - just ask Hamburg Machinery. We are not only well experienced in the trade in cheese and butter packaging machines or filling systems but also in the technology of these machines. Therefore we can take care for the dismantling for you.


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We also pick up what we're trading


Flexibility is a characteristic that has always helped us in the trade with used dairy machines and those for the beverage industry. But it also helps you if the seller can take over the dismantling of the drying systems or butter-making machines at the same time. So you do not need the help of third parties.


Safe, reliable disassembly according to your specifications


Dairy machines such as milk separators or homogenizers are complex designs. You are by no means the only company that does not have the resources to assemble or disassemble these machines. Good that we can do that for you. This is how Hamburg Machinery helps you to dismantle your used machines:


  • Dismantling a wide variety of dairy plants across Europe
  • Fast, safe and material-friendly implementation
  • Accompanying all works by certified engineers
  • Dismantling is carried out in compliance with your safety and health regulations