GEA Westfalia KDA 18-02-177


Hamburg, Germany

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ManufacturerGEA Westfalia
ModelKDA 18-02-177
Serial Number1665 348
Stock Number1040
Type of MachineQuark separator
Capacity1.500 kg per hour (quark output)
Bowl speed5.350 rpm
Motor20 kW - 380 V - 2.905 rpm - 37,5 A - 50 Hz
Weight± 1.470 kg
Dimensions165 x 115 x 150 cm


Continuous production of fresh cheese (quark) up to 50% fat in Dry Matter. The protein contained in the coagulated milk is separated from the whey in the rotating bowl and is continuously discharged through nozzles. Equipped for CIP cleaning. Machine comes with the bowl, motor (20 kW), motor cover, frame to put the separator on (± 80 cm above the floor), control panel (Allen Bradley PLC and panelview touchscreen panel) and some service tools for maintenance (not all available). Input flow rate for skim milk± 7.200 liter per hour. Output of low fat quark up to 1.500 kg/h (depending on dry matter in the quark, the composition / temperature of the coagulated skim milk and the type of nozzles used inside the quark separator).