Gram NF400


Hamburg, Germany

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Serial Number84-085-1026
Stock Number1107
Type of MachineIce cream ingredient dosing machine
Condition StatusUsed
Capacity base product300 - 600 ltr/h
Volume hopper± 25 liter
Electrics380 V - 50 Hz - 1,2 kW - 5,5 Amp - 3 pH - Earth
Total dimensions± 95 x 85 x 140 cm
Weight± 235 kg


The Gram NF400, Nougat & Fruit Feeder is used for the injection of both liquid and solid flavouring materials into the ice cream and will ensure a uniform distribution of the flavouring materials irrespective of the pressure at which the ice cream is supplied as the flavouring materials are injected direct into the ice cream flow. The nougat and fruit feeder can be provided with easily replacable hoppers for liquid and solid flavouring materials. This current machine is equipped with a hopper for liquid jam, fruit etc. including agitator. The flavouring materials are injected by a wing pump driven by an electric motor through an infinitely variable drive. By means of the infinitely variable gear, the quantity of flavouring materials added to the ice cream can be controlled. The capacity will be 300 up to 600 liters of ice cream per hour, depending on the quantities of flavouring materials and the texture of the ice cream. The machine is made out of stainless steel and the product areas are with smooth surfaces allowing an easy cleaning. Pump, mixer and supply - ice-cream system are also made of stainless steel. The machine has an entirely stainless steel structure and is mounted on wheels.