Gasti DOGAtherm 21 + SFS 337 + Gasti BE75


Hamburg, Germany



ModelDOGAtherm 21
Serial NumberA01-511A
Stock Number875
Type of MachineYoghurt cup filling, sealing and packaging line
Year of refurbishingR2002
Capacity2.500 - 4.500 cups per hour
Cup Formats95 mm, pre-formed cups
Cup volume± 50 - 550 ml
SealsPre-cut seals
Electric230/400 V / 50 Hz / 5 kW / 35 A
TrayformerSchäfer & Flottmann SFS 337
Tray fillerGasti BE75


Complete cup filling and sealing line for pre-formed yoghurt cups including trayformer and tray filling. Gasti DOGAtherm 21 cup filling and sealing machine; preformed cup destacking / feeding system (Gasti BZ25), UV light decontamination of the cup (UVATEC), 2-head main filler (CIP) with cut-off valves and closed hopper (50 liter, max 100°C, max 2 bar), 2 pre formed seal mounting stations, 2 hot sealing stations, outfeed station, control panel with Siemens S5 PLC controls and sterile air filter on top of the machine. Pre-fromed cup size: 95 mm, 100 - 250 gram. Schäfer & Flottmann tray forming machine (Typ 337, year 2001, machine number 2001.001, Nordson ProBlue 7 hotmelt unit, Siemens S7 PLC). Gasti tray filling machine (Typ: BE75, year: 2002, machine number A01-511B) with packaging scheme 3 x 2 = 6 cups per tray. Interconnecting conveyors. Elevator to move trays to the next floor. Line upgraded in 2002 by Gasti.

Additional Features

- Snap cap station.