Milk pasteurizer / plate heatexchanger Alfa Laval CLIP 8-RM


Hamburg, Germany



ManufacturerAlfa Laval
ModelClip 8-RM
Serial Number30102-34069
Stock Number879
Type of MachinePasteurizer
Capacity± 10.000 liter per hour
Volume288 Liter
Max. working pressure10 bar
Max working temp.110 °C


Complete milk pasteuriser unit existing out of product pump (Alfa Laval), open level tank, plate heat exchanger (Volume: 288 liter. Number of sections: 4x. Number of plates: 33-11-75-33 Maximum allowable pressure: 10,0 bar. Maximum allowable temperature: 110 °C. Header: Beam length: 2.400 mm. Connections 2 Down. Follower: Connections 2 Down), Krohne flowmeter, holding tube, indirect hot water set with steam/hotwater plate heat exchanger and control panel (Tetra Pak) with recorder. Line simple executed with manual butterfly valves. Line already dismantled and located in our warehouse in Hamburg, Germany.