Tetra Pak TBA 8 - 100 V - 1.000 ml Slim


Hamburg, Germany

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ManufacturerTetra Pak
ModelTBA 8 - 100 V - 1.000 ml Slim
Serial Number13534/11370
Stock Number899
Type of MachineFilling Machine
Capacity (Units)6.000 cartons per hour
Packaging1.000 ml Slim
Screw cap opening typeSlimCap™ 1000
Working Hours38.300 h


Complete aseptic carton filling line including downstream equipment. Line is designed for Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000 ml Slim cartons with a SlimCap™ 1000 opening. Controls: 100V. Including: Screw cap applicator, Tetra Pak TCAP 47 (year 2006), feedbunker and elevator for caps (Tecno Vibrazioni, year 2006), Tetra Pak Accumulator 60 (year 1995), Cardboard packer (Tambox machines OY, type Tamtek BR-500/T, year 1994) all interconnecting conveyors, instruction/electrical and maintenance manuals and a small set of spare parts. Line has been running in a plant in Finland and is now dismantled in our warehouse.