Alfa Laval Tetra Pak C6-SR


Hamburg, Germany

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ManufacturerAlfa Laval
ModelTetra Pak C6-SR
Serial Number30109-18162
Stock Number924
Type of MachinePasteurizer
Capacity3.500 l/h
Permissible Overpressure10 bar
Premissible Temperature120 °C


This machine is a Alfa Laval Tetra Pak C6-SR plate heat exchanger. It is used in several processes in milk processing for pre- or post-treatment of the milk for which heating or cooling of the product is necessary, such as separation, pasteurisation, homogenisation, etc.

Additional Features

Max. Temperature: 120 Grad Celsius
Mounted on a Stainless-Steel Skid
Capacity: 3500 Liter Cream per Hour