APV Pasilac HCT 1.5


Hamburg, Germany

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ManufacturerAPV Pasilac
ModelHCT 1.5
ConditionComing soon
Stock Number942
Type of MachineContinuous Butter Making Machine (CBM)
Capacity3.000 kg of butter per hour (output)
Motor37 kW
Dimensions± 600 x 170 x 300 cm (CBM only)


Complete Butter Processing line including buttersilo with 2x outfeed pumps. The line consists out of a Continuous Butter Making Machine - CBM (APV Pasilac HCT 1.5), with an output of 3.000 kg butter per hour (min. 80% fat) and an input of 6.000 liter of cultured/sweet cream per hour (36/38% fat/38/41% fat). Complete hydraulic driven. Churning section, separating section, regulating gate, vacuum chamber (possible to achieve an air content in the butter of less than 0,5%), working section and outfeed butter pump (hydraulic driven). It comes with a cream heater, butter milk cooler, level tanks, positive cream feed pump, CIP pumps, dosing equipment for water/salt or culture inlcuding mixing tank for salt slurry (brine) and all interconnecting piping and valves. Instruments partly mounted on a skid. The butter silo (Apparatebau,1988) has a capacity of 3.000 kg and has 2x outfeed connections with 2x outfeed butterpumps. All is controlled by upgraded controls (± 2012) model Siemens S7 PLC with touchscreen panel.

Additional Features

CBM with vacuum system
Butter Silo
Buttermilk solution
Salt dosing system
PLC Siemens S 7 (upgraded in 2012)