Keckeis Nahrungsmitteltechnik GmbH Cheese dividing machine


Hamburg, Germany

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ManufacturerKeckeis Nahrungsmitteltechnik GmbH
ModelCheese dividing machine for wedges
Stock Number935
Type of MachineCheese dividing machine
Capacityup to 40 cuts/min
Max size of the cheese100 x 100 x 25 cm
Total dimensions260 x 155 x 230 cm


This cheese dividing machine disposes of a manually rotated turntable. This offers the possibility to cut cheese loaves and rings in segmental portions (wedges) as well as cheese loaves and bars in sticks with freely selectable stick width. Diameter of the rotated turntable: 100 cm. Cutting knife length: 105 cm. The machine is previously used for Gouda cheese loaves, Butterkäse and Tilsiter cheese (1-2 kg loaves). Light screen protection (Sick). Control panel with PLC control. Spare knife available.