Westfalia Separator AG BuC 800


Hamburg, Germany

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ManufacturerWestfalia Separator AG
ModelBuC 800
Serial Number2016-670
Stock Number946
Type of MachineContinuous Butter Making Machine (CBM)
Capacity750 kg of butter per hour (output)
MotorBeater I: 11 kW, Beater II: 1,5 kW, Sqeezer: 2,5 kW
Dimensions± 385 x 90 x 210 cm


Continuous Butter Making Machine - CBM, with an output of 750 kg butter per hour and an input of ± 1.500 liter of cultured or/and sweet cream per hour (35/42% fat, pH of ± 4,8 and infeed temperature ± 8 - 13 °C). Complete electric driven. After passing the churning cylinder I, the cream is pre-churned to such a way that it can be completely churned in the churning cylinder II with a relatively low speed to butter grain at a temperature of ± 8 - 13 °C. In the churning cylinders I and II, the churning is effected by differently shaped blow bars. Churning cylinder II also has a screw-shaped discharge device which, despite the narrowed outlet diameter on the hood, safely discharges the grain to the inlet trough on the ejector. The buttermilk flows through sieves in the outer surfaces of the hood, is then collected in a collection tray and can be drained off separately. If desired, the grain can be washed in the trough of the presser or even in the discharge section of the hood. The machine exist out of 2 different parts which can be mounted inline or 90° on each other. Beater motor I: 11 kW - 1450 rpm with variator to change the speed between ± 1.500 and 2.500 rpm. Beater motor II: 1,5 kW with speed of 36 rpm. Sqeezer motor: 2,5 kW with variator to change the speed between ± 30 and 96 rpm. Including cream feed pump (Fristam, FP712/110, serialnr 1218589), buttermilk pump and dosing pump (Bran & Lübbe, Normados, N-KA 31 spez., serialnr 34874/69, 0,18 kW - 1.360/100 rpm). Original controls on the machine with speedometer and amperemeter.