Pasteurizer GEA Westfalia / APV type MSB 200-01-076 / R50





ManufacturerGEA Westfalia / APV
ModelMSB 200-01-076 / R50
Serial Number1673 496 / F2263
Stock Number959
Type of MachinePasteurization line
Capacity25.000 ltr/h
ProductMilk (full fatt), separate in cream and skim milk
Termperature range3/4° - 55 °C - 83 °C - holding (30 seconds) - 3/4 °C.
Bowl speed4.500 rpm
Motor37 kW


Milk pasteurisation line including cream separator / skimmer. Temperature cylce: 3/4° (in) - regeneration - 55 °C (separator) - 83 °C (pasteurisation) - holding (30 seconds) - regeneration - 3/4 °C (out). Line existing out of a sample valve for testing raw milk, closed level tank (manhole, spraybowl), product pump (Alfa Laval), digital flow transmitters (Endress & Hauser), plate heat exchanger (4 sections, 17 bar. year 2006), cream separator / skimmer (Westfalia MSB200-01-076), holding tube for 30 seconds, booster pump (Alfa Laval) system to get more pressure on the raw milk side compare to the pasteurised milk side, flow diversion valves which opens in case the pasteurisation temperature is not reached (return to level tank), all interconnecting piping and valves (mostly Definox and Samson). Line CIP cleanable. Water pressure set for the bowl (hydrofour) and watervalves. Indirect hotwater set with heating by steam.

Additional Features

In the dairy factory there have been pasteurisation lines (our stock number #959 and #960). These lines work together (parallel, dairy was running 54.000 ltr/h with both lines) or separate from each other (dairy was running 27.000 ltr/h with each line). They had a combined cream cooler, water pressure set for the bowl (hydrofour) and 1 set of tools. Every 3 months there has been a calibration on the lines to check the deviation of the parameters.

This line #959 is excluding:
- Set of tools.
- Baseframe for the separator (dairy doesn't allow to take it out of the concrete).
- Electric panels.
- Software / controls.
- Cream cooler.