Bock & Sohn DKS2000 with DKD dosing unit and Sabel case packer


Hamburg, Germany



ManufacturerBock & Sohn
Serial Number125081
Stock Number968
Type of MachineMargarine packaging machine
Capacityup to 1.500 kg of margarine per hour (output) with current format
Capacity (Units)12 blocks per minute / 720 blocks per hour, depending on format, foil and surrounding conditions
Packaging Weight5 lb (2,2 kg)
Carton box size25 lb. (5 pieces per box) or 50 lb. (10 pieces per box)
Brick sizeMouthpiece 220x115 mm (thickness adjustable)
Packaging typeSmall side faulted
Motor8,5 kW - 460 V - 60 Hz
Resting tube3x tubes, length: 390 cm, Ø 35 cm = ± 215 liter. Connection piece at Bock side + at doser both together: ± 100 liter.
Weight6054,5 Kg


Fully automatic packaging machine for margarine, butter and other edible fats as well a similar products of various consistencies and sizes for further industrial processing in aluminium foil. The packaging material is automatically feed from the paper reel, cut true to dimension and then positioned accurately, ensuring continually high packaging quality. The centering of blocks and folding of the side flaps with a diagonal movement of the foling units make the prcessing of particulary soft product possible. Packaging material: minimum 30 gram/m2. Control panel with Alan Bradley SLC5/05 CPU. Alan-Bradley PanelView 550 Operation panel to control the recipes, speed, temperatures and cycle time. Currently the machine is set on the format of 5 lb (2,2 kg), mouthpiece 220x115 mm (thickness adjustable), short side folding. The margarine is feed by a Bock & Sohn DKD dosing unit with double piston dosing system, specialy designed for the margarine or fat industry. From the dosing unit, the margarine will pass 3x double jacketed resting tubes and 1x converter (total ± 300-325 liter resting area). The speed can be adjusted by a frequency converter. Including Sabel automatic case packer, type SE-10/M2, year 2004, serial no. 1062, packscheme 25 lb. (5 pieces per box) or 50 lb. (10 pieces per box), bottom loader and a BEL cartonbox taper and a Thermo Goring Kerr DSP3/S-PSU metaldetector.