APV Gaulin MC 18-2,5TPS


Hamburg, Germany



ManufacturerAPV Gaulin
ModelMC 18-2,5TPS
Serial Number78L35489
Stock Number980
Type of MachineHomogeniser
Capacity10.000 liter per hour (design)
Stages2 stages, hydraulic controlled
Max. Pressure175 Bar (design)
Valve cylinderPoppet valves
Piston diameter54 mm
Motor55 kW - 400 V - 96 Amp - 50 Hz - 1.480 rpm
Dimensions180 x 120 x 165 cm
Weight2.500 kg


This APV Gaulin MC18 homogeniser is a 3-cylinder machine which is designed for 10.000 liter per hour with a maximum pressure of 175 bar. The homogensier is equipped with 2-stages with poppet valve cylinder. Manometer on the stages. Piston diameter: 54 mm. Motor: 55 kW - 400 V - 96 Amp - 50 Hz - 1.480 rpm. Overpressure valve. Oil pumping system inside the machine. Stainless steel cladded.

General application:

High pressure homogenizers are used to break up the fat globules contained in the milk under high pressure and thus distribute them evenly in the milk. The fat droplets are crushed by forcing the milk through fine nozzles under high pressure. This process prevents a layer of cream from forming on the milk. 

Additional Features

- Feetplates.
- Name tag / typeshield on the homogeniser, so model and capacity based on motor power, piston diameter and pressure gauge.