Cryovac VS20DC.RH


Hamburg, Germany



Serial NumberA56200109
Stock Number984
Type of MachineVacuum sealer
CapacityUp to 2 cycles / min
Product dimensionsLenght 500 mm (max), height up to 185 mm, max 30 kg
Compressed Air6 bar - 10 Nm3/h
Electric400 V - 50 Hz - 13 kW - 40 A
Dimensions117 x 107 x 112 cm
Weight650 kg


The Sealed Airr Cryovac VS20DC.RH is a semi-automatic horizontal vacuum packaging machine / vacuum sealer / bagging machine with vacuum chamber to pack small to medium sized vacuum preserved products such as perishable cheeses or semi-finished meats in CRYOVAC® bags for industrial and consumer use (up to 2 cycles / min, depending on product) with a divided chamber. Product dimensions: Lenght 500 mm (max), height up to 185 mm, max 30 kg. The operator places the product in a preformed Cyrovac bag and place this machine inside the machine and presses the start button. The chamber lid closes and the vacuum cycle begins. After the vacuum process, the bag will be sealed with the ultrasealing system. After the end of the cycle, the vacuum-packed product can be taken out manually and you can start the cycle again. Controls by PLC (Siemens S7-200), which controls the operation of the machine and sets the sequence of the stages of operations. The system contains five programs, the parameters of which can be changed at the request of the customer. The programming process is simple and is carried out using a control panel equipped with touch keys and a liquid crystal display. Including Busch vacuumpump (RA0302 D 5Z1 QNZZ, pressure: 0,5 mbar, 2004).