GEA Aseptomag DK50T/TOR PA 100AZ32


Hamburg, Germany



ManufacturerGEA Aseptomag
ModelDK50T/TOR PA 100AZ32
Serial Number4552 10
Stock Number990
Type of MachineAseptic valve
Stroke16 mm
Valve seatA: DN40, B: DN50
Valve seat sealsTEFASEP 160 °C
Housing sealsO-ring Silicone 160 °C
Valve housing2x product connection DN50 DIN 11850 above, 2x product connection DN50 DIN 11850 below
Nominal pressure valve10 bar
Closing pressure5-6 bar (depending on valve size and design)
Control air pressure6 bar
Hermetic sealing elementStainless steel bellows
Surface product areaRa < 0,8
Material quality in product areaAISI 316L / AISI 316 Ti
Max. sterilization temperature160°C for max 30 minutes


1x Unused Aseptomag double Chamber Shut-off valve which are used for the mixproof shut-off of incompatible products at pipe junctions in aseptic processing plants.A welded stainless steel bellows is used to hermetically seal the product area from outside contamination. The integrated steam barrier (ISB) enables the safe separation of the product lines with a sterile media and can be safely closed off from atmosphere via the two integrated side valves. Double Chamber Shut-off Valve DN50T/ TOR AZ P, type: DK50T/TOR PA 100AZ32, stroke: 16 mm, valve seat A DN40, B DN50, valve seat seals: TEFASEP 160 °C, housing seals o-ring Silicone 160 °C, valve housing with 2x product connection DN50 DIN 11850 above and 2x product connection DN50 DIN 11850 below, steam connection: (max 4 bar), OKF Shut-off valve DN15E H25 PA60 OR NC, 2x side valves.

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