Alfa Laval HMRPX 610 HGV


Hamburg, Germany

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ManufacturerAlfa Laval
ModelHMRPX 610 HGV
Serial Number4058315
Stock Number702
Type of MachineCream Separator
Capacity10.000 l/h
Bowl speed6240 rpm
Motor 22 kW / 380 V / 3 ph / 50 Hz


This is a used Alfa Laval HMRPX 610 HGV with a capacity of 10.000 l/h. This machine was last used for the processing of milk. The machine was overhauled and is delivered mounted on a stainless-steel frame. The Alfa Laval HMRPX 610 HGV is a cream separator. Cream separators separates raw milk into skim milk and cream. The separation in skim milk and cream is needed for further processes to produce milk, butter or cheese.

Additional Features

- Control Panel