Tebel (Tetra Pak) OST IV



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ManufacturerTebel (Tetra Pak)
Stock Number1006
Type of MachineClosed cheese vat
Capacity8.000 ltr
Double jacketedYes
Whey suction deviceYes
Total dimensions4,3 x 3,0 x 4,5 mtr
Weight± 3.200 kg


Tebel OST-IV Closed cheese vat of 8.000 ltr. Double jacketed for injection of steam or hot water so the temperature of the milk inside the vat can be indirectly adjusted. Stirring, cutting tools, welded to a horizontal shaft. This is driven by a drive unit with frequency converter. During cutting the tools rotate in the opposite direction as during stirring. The coagulum is cut by sharp radial knives of stainless steel. Whey can be drawn off through a perforated pipe (whey suction device). This pipe is lowered into the whey until it is only just immersed. The curd is discharged through the bottom valve. The vat is inclined (4%) toward the bottom valve to facilitate emptying. After a production run the vat is cleaned by four rotating CIP nozzles located in the top. All parts are made of stainless steel AISI 304 except the drive unit. Stainless steel MCC panel at the backside, close to the motor, with frequency converter and a separate control panel on top of the cheese vat for controlling the process.

Additional features:

Set of 2x pieces available, Stocknumber #1005 and #1006.