Benhil 8345


Hamburg, Germany



Stock Number975
Type of MachineButter Packaging Machine
Capacity± 1.000 kg/h
Capacity (Units)up to 80 packages per minute
Packaging Weight226 gram
Packaging Size100 x 50 x ± 47 mm
Packaging typeBottom folding
Motor power3 kW
Weight± 2.000 kg


Foil wrapping machine which can be used for packing products butter, lard, margarine, tvorog or cottage cheese into aluminium foil or parchment paper. The format on the machine is 226 gram, 100 x 50 x ± 47 mm, bottom folding. The butter is feed with an aluminium through with aluminium augers. Aluminium dosing station. The machine is equiped with a photocell on the paper infeed, to control the exact position of the print on the foil. If there is no foil in the cell, the machine will stop. The maximum speed is up to 80 packages per minute (depending on filling weight, product, product viscosity and quality packaging). Outfeed conveyor.