SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell 130 U2


Hamburg, Germany



ManufacturerSPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell
Model130 U2
Serial Number1000003375914
Stock Number1019
Type of MachineRotary positive displacement pumps - Lobe pumps
Stock Number1019
Nominal displacement0,958 liter per revolution / 0,253 gallon per revolution
Maximum nominal capacity34,1 m3/h / 150 gpm
Maximum product pressure13,8 bar / 200 psi
Maximum pump speed600 rpm
Weight138.3 kg / 305 lb


Rotary positive displacement pump which can handle dairy products (e.g., yoghurt, quark, curd and butter), solids (e.g., cherries and olives), slurries, pastes, and a variety of liquids. If wetted, they offer self-priming performance. A gentle pumping action minimizes product degradation. They also offer continuous and intermittent reversible flows and can operate dry for brief periods of time. Flow is relatively independent of changes in process pressure to, so output is relatively constant and continuous. Duo - twin wing stainless steel lobes. Nominal displacement: 0,958 liter per revolution / 0,253 gallon per revolution. Maximum nominal capacity: 34,1 m3/h / 150 gpm. Inlet connection: 3''. Outlet connection: 3''. Maximum product pressure: 13,8 bar / 200 psi. Maximum pump speed: 600 rpm. Weight: 138.3 kg / 305 lb.

Additional features:


- Motor.