Bornemann SLH 50-30 Twin screw pump


Hamburg, Germany

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ManufacturerBornemann / ITT
ModelSLH 50-30
Serial Number117056
Stock Number1012
Type of MachineDouble Screw Pump
Stock Number1012
Capacity1,5 m3/h
Inlet pressure-0,1 bar
Differential pressure1,7 bar
Discharge pressure1,6 bar
Power abs.0,4 - 0,7 kW
Speed445 - 585 rpm
Viscocity120 - 10.000 cst


Bornemann SLH twin screw pumps are single-flow and self-priming. 2 contact-free intermeshing screws and the pump housing from closed chambers tha, according to the direction of rotation, constantly move towards the pressure dischange end of the pump. This axial system enables cautious, low-pulsation conveyance. It protects the media and maintains size, surface and visual intergrity of the products. The 2-in-1 principle conveys and cleans in one pump. Due to the wide range of the pump speeds, process cycles as well as CIP and SIP procedures are possible with just one pump. This pump is previously used in a dairy factory. Capacity: 1.500 ltr/h. Inlet pressure: - 0,1 bar with a differential pressure of 1,7 bar gives an discharge pressure of 1,6 bar. Speed 445 - 585 rpm. Viscosity 120 - 10.000 cst.