Tetra Pak A3 Flex 1000 ml Slim 100V


Hamburg, Germany



ManufacturerTetra Pak
ModelA3 Flex 1000 ml Slim 100V
Serial Number21207/00262
Stock Number1055
Type of MachineAseptic carton filling machine
Capacity (Units)up to 6.000 cartons per hour
Packaging1.000 ml Slim
ProductUsed for milk
Controls100 V
Cap opening typeReCap 3
Working Hours24.564 h @ 10-07-2022
Downstream equipmentEasy Ride Conveyors + Cap21 + TCP70 + Interconnecting conveyors


Complete aseptic carton filling line including downstream equipment. Line is designed for Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000 ml Slim cartons with a ReCap 3 cap. Controls: 100V. Including: Cap applicator (Tetra Pak, Tetra Cap Applicator 21, serial nr 75600/17203, year 2002, ReCap 3 with two-step flip cap with PullTab which is recloseable and simple to open and close with easy-grip "tab lifter"), Cardboard packer (Tetra Pak, Tetra Cardboard Packer TCP 70, serial number 75635/16788, year 2002, format 6x2, wraparound boxes), Easy Ride buffer conveyors and all interconnecting conveyors. Line has been running in a dairy plant in Belgium till End of September 2022. The line is already dismantled in 2022, stored inside in a warehouse and now the line will be moved to our warehouse in Hamburg, Germany for future sale.