Corazza FF220DX - SF421TSDX


Still mounted in factory

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ModelFF220DX - SF421TSDX
Serial NumberNO264M - NR225N
Stock Number1081
Type of MachineCheese Packaging Machine
Capacityup to 210 kg/h
Capacity (Units)up to 200 portions per minute
Packaging Weight17,5 gram
Tear Tape"X" Type
Assembling Style8/8
Box Weight140 gram
Motor power400 V - 3 Ph - 50 Hz - ± 15 kW
Dimensions± 12 x 3 x 2,5 mtr
Weight± 10.000 kg


Complete processed cheese packaging line existing out of a double-head automatic dosing / wrapping machine designed for the packaging of triangular portions of processed cheese, carton boxing machine and a banderol machine. The working process starts with the formation of the wrapping shells from reel-fed heat sealing aluminium foil for subsequent filling of processed cheese in the dosing station of the machine. A lid of heat sealing aluminium foil is placed inside the filled shell which is then folded over the lid and sealed by heated pressure pads. Each portion includes an internal ‘consumer-friendly’ easy opening tear strip and an external paper brand label. The portions are finally gathered in an 8 bundle configuration and carried onto the outfeed conveyor on a single lane. From here it is moved to the cartonising machine, adding the 8 portions in a carton box, adding a lid on the box, rotate the box upside down, passing a banderol machine for adding a close seal on the box and manual packing inside crates. The format on the machine is 17,5 gram per triangle portion, 8 per box, 140 gram per carton box. The product is feed from a double jacketed stainless steel hopper. The speed can be adjusted by a frequency converter. Control panel with Siemens S7 PLC and Siemens Simatic HMI touchscreen panels. Line code: VL1132. Schema wiring diagram: 1787. Production hours: ± 41.000 hours.

Additional features:

Line will be dismantled in Mai 2024. Still mounted inside the factory.