Benhil 71 Microfix


Hamburg, Germany



Model71 Microfix
Serial Number71/384
Stock Number1084
Type of MachineButter reworker
Condition StatusUsed
Capacityup to 1.400 kg of butter per hour (output)
Motor15 kW for the rotor (homogenizer) and 3 kW for the feed worms
Dimensions± 160 x 75 x 165 cm
Weight900 kg


Butter-Homogenizer / Microfix, fationalizes the processing and packaging of cold store butter by reducing the time of defreezing (butter having a temperature of ±4 °C can be homogenized by the Microfix, homogenizing butter having lower temperatures depends on the consistency of the butter). Automatic adaption of the Microfix to the output of the combined packaging machine by means of a feeler switch is possible (not on the machine at this moment). Improving the quality of the butter by ensuring finest water dispersion resulting in an increased shelf life of the homogenized and packed butter. Likewise, the spreadability of the butter is improved. Reducing the loss of water during the packaging operation. The Microfix is adapted to the actual quality of butter by means of a variable feed worm drive, rotors having different numbers of knives (this machine is equiped with a stainless steel rotor with 36 knives) and the regulation of the flow speed in the outlet. Motor: 15 kW for the drive of the rotor and 3 kW for the drive of the feed worms. The house of the augers, augers itself, outlet and the outlet pipe are all made of aluminium. Controls with relay controls build in a separate control panel, next to the machine. Ampere meter on the side of the machine to see if the machine is not asking to much power and the motor might be burned (if butter is too cold / hard to rework).