Ystral C 15.000 SL / Conti-TDS-3 LG


Hamburg, Germany



ModelC 15.000 SL / Conti-TDS-3 LG
Serial Number18451399
Stock Number1086
Type of MachineIn-Line-Dispersing and Homogenising
Motor2-speed motor 12.5 kW / 1.460 rpm, 15 kW / 2.915 - 400 V - 23,5 / 29,5 Amp - 50 Hz - 3 Phase
Max. speed in rpm3.000 rpm
Induction rate in kg/minfrom paper bag: 2 till 20 kg/min and from big bag / container hopper of silo: 6 till 200 kg/min
Maximum concentration non soluble powder70%
Maximum viscosity in mPasnormal operation: 4.000 mPas and with an additional pump: 50.000 mPas
Inlet pressure in bar0,1 till 0,4 bar
Maximum counter pressure in barduring powder induction: 0,4 bar and during dispersion/pumping: 3,0 bar
Pumping rate in m3/hmaximum (water): 48 m3/h and during powder induction: 20 till 30 m3/h
Wokring temperatureMaximum 70 °C for water as a basic liquid


Inline Disperser with a special rotor-stator system which generates a large negative pressure and absorbs powder, without dust formation and loss-free, directly into the liquid. Ystral, C.15.000 SL / Conti-TDS-3 LG. Powder inlet DN 25 with tri-clamp connection. Liquid supply DN 50 with dairy thread. Dispersion output DN 50 with dairy thread. Product contact parts made of stainless steel 316 (1.4401), water-cooled seal, 2-speed motor 12.5 kW / 1.460 rpm, 15 kW / 2.915 rpm. Previously used in the food industry. Both the motor and the disperser have new bearings and new o-rings, these are original Ystral parts. The grinding gap is 0.7 mm.