Tetra Pak Hoyer Addus FF 2000C1


Hamburg, Germany



ManufacturerTetra Pak
ModelHoyer Addus FF 2000C1
Serial NumberZ1481148
Stock Number1105
Type of MachineIce cream ingredient dosing machine
Condition StatusUsed
Capacity base product100 - 2.000 ltr/h
Capacity ingredients10 - 200 ltr/h
Volume hopper40 liter
Electrics380 V - 50 Hz - ± 3 kW - 3 pH - Earth
Total dimensions± 100 x 80 x 140 cm
Weight± 350 kg


The Tetra Pak Hoyer Addus FF 2000C1 (so called Fruit Feeder) is an ice cream ingredient dosing machine and is designed for the continuous and accurate injection of fruit pieces, nuts, candies and other free granulates into ice cream or similar products. The dosing unit consists of a ingredient hopper (40 liter) with a protective grid screen and a horizontal dosing screw at the bottom. A removable agitator is mounted in the middle of the hopper. The ingredients loaded into the hopper are led through a horizontally placed pipe by the dosing screw and sprinkle from the pipe's orifice through the inlet chute of the lamella feed pump placed below it. The lamella feed pump consists of a pump housing with an eccentrically placed rotor with 3 lamellas, a CIP front cover, an inlet funnel and a CIP cap. The pump housing consists of a horizontal inlet / outlet opening for ice cream and an opening in the top through which ingredients are fed. The rotor's lamellas can be radially retracted and guided during rotation in the pump case and so the ingredients will be taken along by the advanced lamellas and delivered into the ice cream passing under the rotor. When the ingredients have been delivered, the lamellas will be retracted into the rotor. The lamella feed pump is driven directly by a self-contained, geared motor whose rotating speed can be adjusted by means of a frequency converter. Further mixing will be done with an inline mixer inserted between the lamella feed pump and the filling machine to optimize a uniform distribution of ingredients in the ice cream. The mixer is driven by a timing belt drive, which is placed inside the main frame. The mixer consists of a mixer bottom with drive shaft and seals, a mixer house, a paddle blender and an outlet cone.The machine has an entirely stainless steel structure and is mounted on wheels. All parts directly in contact with the product are made entirely of stainless or aseptic material and are polished internally.