Tetra Laval Food Hoyer FF 1000


Hamburg, Germany

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ManufacturerTetra Laval Food
ModelHoyer FF 1000
Serial Number950142
Stock Number1106
Type of MachineIce cream ingredient dosing machine
Condition StatusUsed
Capacity base product200 - 1.000 ltr/h
Capacity ingredients20 - 100 ltr/h
Volume hopper± 40 liter
Electrics380 V - 50 Hz - 1.2 kW - 5,5 Amp - 3 pH - Earth
Total dimensions95 x 75 x 130 cm
Weight± 200 kg


The Tetra Laval Food FF 1000 (so called Fruit Feeder) is capable of feeding continuously pieces (max diameter 25 mm) of fresh fruit, candied fruit, granular products such as hazelnuts and nougat, chocolate and a wide range of products normally used for ice-cream production. Designed as a stand-alone unit, it is normally installed on ice-cream production lines between a continuous freezer and a filler machine To put into service, simply hook it up to the mains power supply and connect to the freezer and the filler machine.

The FF 1000 consist of 3 main units:

1) A dosing unit, consisting essentially of a main hopper, a screw feeder and a secondary hopper. The ingredients are fed manually by the operator into the main hopper and then move under gravity towards the bottom of the hopper, where a horizontal-axis screw feeder is situated. As they descend, the ingredients are mixed continually by a slow agitator, which ensures a constant flow of product to the screw feeder. The screw feeder feeds the ingredients into the secondary hopper from where, again under gravity, they are fed to the pump unit.

2) A pump unit, consisting of a vane pump which serves to feed the ingredients into the flow of icecream coming from the continuous freezer. The vane pump consists of a rotor containing radial vanes which are guided by an eccentric guidemachined inside the casing. The pump also serves a function as a separating seal between the pressurised ice-cream line and the external environment so as to allow a one-way flow of ingredients from the secondary hopper to the icecream.

3) An in-line mixer, consisting of a shaft with angled blades positioned inside the section of pipe downstream of the pump unit. This unit serves to provide intensive mixing of the product with the icecream before it goes on to the filler machine.

The machine has an entirely stainless steel structure and is mounted on wheels. All parts directly in contact with the product are made entirely of stainless or aseptic material and are polished internally.