APV Multipurpose Pilot UHT SSP with liquiverter, homogeniser and aseptic filling station


Hamburg, Germany

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ManufacturerAPV Nordic, Unit Systems
ModelPilotanlage SPP/THE
Serial NumberP432600
Stock Number1115
Type of MachinePilot UHT plant
Capacity50 - 150 liter per hour
Type of heatingIndirect and direct
ProductsUHT milk
Temperature Rangeup to max 150 °C
Holding tube0 - 225 seconds
Total dimensions± 450 x 250 x 200 cm
Condition StatusUsed Good Condition


Complete pilot UHT plant, exisiting out of a powder dissolver, APV Pilotanlage SPP/THE with indirect and direct heating module, homogeniser and filling unit, previously used for fresh milk factory. The system was only used several times.

The unit can be used for all kind of different combinations for pasteurisation, sterilisation and homogenising of liquid products.

The line exist out of:

  • Powder dissolver:

Manufacturer: APV

Model: Liquiverter TB 150

Volume: 150 liter

Serial number: 27100590

Year: 1999

  • Indirect / direct UHT unit:

Skid mounted, 50 - 150 ltr/h, exist out of frequency controlled productpump (APV W+50/8, 3 kW), 2x 20 liter balance tank, flowmeter (Danfoss Maglo MAG5000), tubular heat exchanger (THE, diameter tubes 12 mm) for product, closed water circuit with pressure vat and hotwaterpump (Grundfos CRN1-8, 0,55 kW, 1,8 m3/h), direct steam injector unit with control valve for steam, flash vat cooling by vacuum chamber, vacuum pump (ABS, 4,4 m3, 0,55 kW), holding tubes (3 - 6 - 15 - 30 - 60 - 90 seconds), flow plate with swing pipes to create different sections in the THE, connections for Homogeniser / Injector / Vacuum chamber / Holding tubes and switchboard / control panel for controlling the pumps and temperatures. The line is designed for a temperature up to max 150 °C. Holding tubes (pre-heating) 0 - 225 seconds. Holding tubes (UHT) 0 - 225 seconds.


Steam: min. 100 kg/h - 7 bar.

City water: min. 800 ltr/h - 3 bar - 15 °C.

Ice water: min. 1.000 ltr/h - min. 3 bar - 2 °C.

Compressed air: max. 7 bar

Power: max. 12 kW

  • Homogeniser (aseptic):

Manufacturer: APV

Model: Gaulin 5-5,8BX

Serienr: 1-03.439

Year: 2003

Max. capacity: 160 ltr/h

Pressure: 200 bar

Number of stages: 2

Motor: 5,5 kW - 380/415 V - 50 Hz - 725 rpm

Gewicht: 590 kg

Can be mounted upstream or downstream (to be selected at the flow plate)

  • Aseptic filling station:

Manufacturer: Aseptomag-mts AG

Type: 5050.10667

Ordernr: 206390

Year: 2003

Additional features

  • Including all interconnecting piping, pumps, valves, sensors, cabling, controls and complete set of documentation.
  • Unit still mounted in the R&D location at the factory. Will be dismanted KW30 - 2024.