Stephan Combicut TC SK 850


Hamburg, Germany



ModelCombicut TC SK 850
Serial Number712.697.0
Stock Number956
Type of MachineUniversal machine
Volume850 liter
Capacityup to 2.000 kg/h
Operating temperature95 - 134 °C


Stephan Universal Machine for the production of processed cheese, convenience products, vegan spreads and confectionery. Previously used in the chocolate production. Machine frame, bowl with bottom slide, lid and side covers are all made of stainless steel.The bowl is equiped with a double jacket for heating/cooling on the jacket including all valves, 7x direct steam injection nozzles for direct injection of (culinair) steam inside the product, temperature sensor inside the product, 3x twin cutting blades, max working pressure in the bowl 2 bar (protected with overpressure valve), max temperature in the bowl 134 °C, bowl volume: 870 liter, 2x infeed holes with valve on the top for main product and the bottom a hydraulic slide gate discharge for outfeed of the ready product (hydraulic controlled) and 2x connections for pneumatic controlled ingredient valves on one side of the bowl (including 2x pneumatic valves) and 1x connection for pneumatic controlled ingredient valve on the other side of the bowl (including pressure manometer). Double jacketed lid with scraper of the wall (electric driven ± 25 rpm) and manual tightening clamps. Main motor for the 3x cutting knifes: 460 Volt - 60 Hz - 45 / 90 kW - 2 speed motor - 570 / 1.170 rpm.

Additional Features

- Control panel.
- Vacuum pump.