Schröder & Co Kombinator VWK01/60-400


Hamburg, Germany



ManufacturerSchröder & Co Kombinator
ModelVWK01/60-400 (3x pieces)
Serial Number121651 / 121652 / 121653
Stock Number985
Capacity20 - 100 kg/h (depending on product specifications)
Max. working pressureUp to 25 bar
Cooling mediumR22 (Freon)
Number of production hours807 hours
Total Power Consumption380 Volt - 50 Hz - 3 Ph - 46 Amp.
Dimensions250 x 170 x 240 cm
Weight1.115 kg


Pilot plant. 3x Used Schroder Kombinator VWK01/60-400 Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers (SSHE) for heating and/or cooling of liquid, viscous, high viscous and crystalline products. 3x independent motors with mechanical variators for adjusting the speed. Holding tube. Stainless steel control panel with relays controls, 3x Ampere meters, 3x Temperature control units, controls for feedpump (pump itself excluded), cooling compressor (R22 Freon, but compressor itself excluded) and high pressure pump (pump itself excluded). Power: 380 Volt - 50 Hz - 3 Ph - 46 Amp. Only 807 production hours.

Additional Features

- Feedpump.
- Freon R22 unit.
- High pressure pump.