Kustner Sterilchoc FP


Hamburg, Germany



ModelSterilchoc FP
Serial Number211521
Stock Number1010
Type of MachineContinuous cheese cooking-sterilizer
Capacity250 - up to 2.000 kg/h (depending on configuration)
Total Power Consumption380 V - 50 Hz - ± 25 kW
Total Steam Consumption160 - 270 kg @ min 7 bar (dried filtered steam)
Total Compressed Air Consumption1.200 ltr/h @ 3 bar
Total Water Consumption± 1.200 ltr/h @ max 16 °C, min 4 / max 8 bar


Kustner-Sterilchoc FP cooking & sterilzation process installation, UHT in continuous mode, enabling to reach an advanced bacteriological stability and security of you finished product. Output: 250 - up to 2.000 kg/h (depending on configuration). Continuous, efficient and flexible production process which can be regulated during production. Advanced economical caloric process balance. Fully stainless steel executed construction. Minimum floor imprint. CIP cleanable. Waukesha lobe pumps, model 034 and 030, year 1999. Control panel with Siemens S5 PLC control for easy control and operation. Including pre-mix vat with 2 stainless steel augers and outfeed lobe pump (Waukesha, model 034, motor 4 kW). Working principle: after the pre-mix is added to the pre-mix vat and melting salt is added, the continuous processing takes place in 3 successive stages; 1st step: heating up to 85/90°C by saturated steam-mix under low vacuum, introduced through the preheating vessel. 2nd step: flash-heating under pressure by steam injection during sterilizing-head transfer. Adjustable sterlizing between 100/145°C for 5/15 seconds.3rd step: flash-cooling to 90/93°C by vacuum expansion during cooling vessel transfer. Afterwards the finished product can be pumped into a creaming tank for stabilising the product (creaming tank itself is excluded, on request it can be offered). The characteristics and composition of the cheese, determine the pre-heating / sterilizing and cooling temperatures, time of sterilizing and the output.