Stephan UMM SK 130 E


Hamburg, Germany



ModelUMM SK 130 E
Stock Number748
Type of MachineCutter
Volume130 l
Processing temp.95 - 125 °C
Capacityapprox 400 Kg/h


Complete System on stainless steel platform 

Main motor 

Power : 30 KW in 50 Hz – 400 volts

Number of speeds : 4 (325 / 750 / 1500 / 3000 rpm)

Volume of the vat : about 120 liters

Batch capacity : about 100 liters

Cooking vat built in stainless steel with double jacket for indirect heating/cooling (steam/water)

Maximum pressure 2 bars

Maximum temperature 133°C

Steam injectors for the direct heating

Maximum pressure 2 to 4 bars

Maximum temperature 127°C

Cover equipped with 3 lockers which allows to work at a temperature up to 127°C

Max pressure for hydraulic group : 150 bars

Discharge by pneumatic valve

Machine fully refurbished as per our standards

  • Dismantling
  • Sandblasting of all the painted parts
  • Multilayer and anticorrosion painting (Epoxy type)
  • Remounting of the machine with changing of all the wearable parts (ball bearings, gaskets, etc.)

Machine delivered with main motor coupled with a frequencies regulator

Moto-reducer for the scraper equipped with a position detector

New safety valve graduated at 1.5 bars fixed on the cover as well as vacuum accessories

Vacuum accessories are 1 automatic valve arrival of the vacuum,

1 automatic valve vacuum break, 

1 manual valve vacuum break,

1 safety valve from 0.15 bar to 1.5 bar,

display on vacuum’s information 

by mean of vacuum meter (0-100 mbar with pressure switch)

Necessary electro valves for steam and water

Water counter

Automatic dosing of the water

Temperature sensor PT 100 on the bowl

1 general control panel (stainless steel) for :

The control of the motors, the vacuum cycle, the water counter; the display and the regulation of the temperatures with an automaton – touch screen

1 vacuum pump - power of 0.75 KW – 50 Hz - sucking power of 20m3/hour at 100mBar

Steam treatment station

All components are in stainless steel

1 stop valve, 1 condensate separator, 1 dynamic trap valve, 1 filter, 1 spring-loaded pressure regulator, 1 lyre, 1 manometer, 1 shut-off valve, 1 sterile filter, ½ pouce valve, 1 steam trap

STEPHAN Universal Machines are compact and highly flexible process units. They perform almost all tasks involved in the production of processed cheese, convenience products and confectionery. From mixing and crushing to emulsifying right down to vacuum degassing. A special feature of this process machine is the possibility of direct and indirect heating and cooling of the product.